Sally's Family Pictures - February 2008

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Grampy's mother's funeral card Grampy's mother's funeral card
Eleanor Granny (Sallie) and ??
Sallie's mother ? Eleanor, Maxine and Jim
Eleanor, Maxine and Jim Grampy's father
Jim and Grandmother (Nannie?) Jim and Mother Sallie
Jim and his dog Joseph and Sallie - Christmas 1952
Joseph ? Joseph, Eleanor, Sallie, CB and Martha Jean Ball
Joseph, Maxine, Sallie and Vivien Fireplace at RockHaven (ship made by Jim)
Sallie in breakfast room Sallie and Joseph with Skippy
Alec, Nannie and Tommy ? Sallie and ?Joseph?
Joseph, Eleanor, Maxine, Sallie and Jim Eleanor, Sallie, Maxine, Joseph and Jim