A Video Gallery for the         

Fowler Family Gathering

24-26 July 2009 in San Francisco

More coming soon!  


Up and back to Coit Tower Riding Segways Bike Ride in Golden Gate Park
Pier 39 Bubba Gump Pier 39 Hard Rock Cafe Stowe Lake
R & G Grill   Family Portraits
    Embroidery Detail

The following movies are HUGE, so they load S L O W L Y

Parrots on the walk down from Coit Tower Learning Segways Bikes at Rainbow Falls in GGP
at Bubba Gump, Pier 39 James, Jim, Margaret, Jeannie, Adrienne on Segways Paddle Boats at Stowe Lake in GGP
  Jeannie, Dwight and Becca on Segways Paddle Boats at Stowe Lake 2
  Margaret zooming in front of Golden Gate Bridge Paddle Boats at Stowe Lake 3
  outside of Hard Rock Cafe near Pier 39