Toast for Aunt Lahoma’s 90th birthday  19 Oct 03



Ein Berliner still says the Bitte und Danke he was taught by the American woman. 

A plethora of people in Enid, Oklahoma share the dignity and respect taught in Miss Stull’s classroom.

A senora in Caracas speaks wistfully the por favor y gracias learned from the gracious one.

To this day not one of us cousins has spoken the word spelled a-i-n-‘-t. 

All of us delight to the Bach, Tchaikovsky and Debussy she shared with us. 

The world may be more complicated and fearful than it used to be;

But there are thousands of us around the world who are better people due to the teachings of a great one.

So sit up straight, take a deep breath and raise your glasses as we give thanks for the inspiration of

Lahoma Parker.