Memories of Lahoma

================ from David Johnson at 09/14/11 06:23 ==========================
Aunt Lahoma played "The Nutcracker" on her record player, and I fell in love with classical music. I think that was about 1950. She always tried to give us the best, and I credit her with getting me to sing and write songs. I wrote the "Fanfare for the Uncommon Woman" for her on the 90th Birthday page.

================ from Pam Roberts at 09/21/11 19:22 ==========================
I got an "Aunt Lahoma" greeting from someone the other day -
where you get hugged & beat to death at the same time...remember those?

I remember family dinners at 2601 where I learned how to care for the "good" silverware, china, crystal, etc. We didn't have anything like that, so Aunt Lahoma made sure we knew that they all get washed "by hand, one at a time".

A silly thing - she taught me to pull the strings off celery before serving the cut up pieces.

She also taught me to "wiggle" the mascara brush to get more of it on my eyelashes.

Surely more of you have similar memories???

xoxoxo to everyone, Pam

================ from Mary C. Horn Wood at 09/22/11 23:51 ==========================
There are so many memories that I relate to Aunt Lahoma, from when I was little with memories of going to Enid to visit her and have our cousins to play with and running up and down the stairs. Music of course was always around us, thanks to Aunt Lahoma. There are so many memories, it's impossible to tell them all.

What I will always remember, especially in the last 10 years of her life, is the strength of will she had in battling the cancer in her leg. I have never seen anyone with more determination and will power to overcome her medical condition. She kept trying everything there was to try to get her leg cured. She rarely complained and would always look forward to seeing what new treatment might be at hand. She was the strongest person I've ever known and I will miss her positive attitude and spirit tremendously.

================ from Nancy Stull Anton at 12/20/11 12:15 ==========================
So many memories of Aunt next door for so many years to each other I think I had the best of two worlds!

I can remember going over and watching her heating the gooey stuff on the stove and then painting her legs with this gross stuff..........and then, she ripped it off and it took all her leg hair off!!!!1 I thought she was superwoman over that experience.

I can make the best bed now since Aunt Lahoma took painful steps in teaching me how to fold the corners. She made me practice until I got it right - no wonder she was such a good school teacher because she had the patience of Job!

Again, I have lots of good memories and will cherish those that I have.