For some reason, Wikipedia does not like to see newspaper clippings. I get the impression the clippings are too "crude" and disrupt the flow of the article. Anyhow, I thought they were important enough to put them together and let you read them. Isn't "ref. to Adrift, 1922" a hoot? I think that one is 1922's version of an infomercial. "We will even double your offer..."
Teaching Modeling, 1908 Life Drift, 1908 Leaf Drift 1, 1908 Leaf Drift 2, 1908
Jorgen on sculpting, 1912 win at state fair, 1912 Child head, 1913 Carl Busch, 1914
Dean at Marvin Hall, KU, 1914 to Marvin Hall, KU, 1915 John Greene bust, 1915 John Barber White bust, 1915
Jen-Sal Bio/Chem figures, 1918 Wm.Jewell plaque, 1919 Naming Lion cubs, 1921 ref. to Adrift, 1922
DeMolay medal, 1925 Wm.P.Borland bas relief, 1925 Gen. Sterling Price, 1939 Gen. Sterling Price, 1939
Death Certificate, 1948 KC Star Obituary, 1948 AIA award, 1962 with arch.Brostrom, 1964
Patricia Lawson biography, 1981 Same Dawn but new day, 2003